Saturday, July 20, 2013

Patriotic Shoes DIY

Hi there! Although 4th of July has come and gone for this year, I always feel like any day is a fine day to be patriotic. However, for the 4th of July I created some shoes and I wanted to show them to you all so you can try them yourself! I took a pair of old plain white Keds sneakers that I had lying around and got to work! I was silly enough to forget to take step by step pictures, so I will explain the process I used in text to help explain what I did.
Here is the finished paint job I did on the sneakers. Red, White and Blue!
I used acrylic paints in the patriotic colors and tape for the stripes.
For the stripes side I started by painting the whole side of the shoe red. After letting that completely dry, I went in order starting from the bottom by taping down a straight line to where the white paint would be applied. I did each stripe one by one, waiting for the first one to dry before I went on to the next one to prevent the paint from peeling off.
Because Im not entirely graceful with a paintbrush, I had my father assist me with the stars side. We first painted the side panel navy blue and waited for it to completely dry. Then my dad went over that with white paint and made stars all over the panel. He decided to make the stars all different sizes, and I like it because it looks alot cuter!
And here is the finished project again!Quick tip: If your shoes aren't super clean, you can use white acrylic paint and paint over the white parts of the shoe to brighten them up and give them new life!
Happy DIY!

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