Monday, July 1, 2013

DIY Baseball Shoes!

So if you didn't know this already, I am a huge baseball fan. More specifically, a Seattle Mariners fan. So in honor of my crazy obsession with baseball, I created some baseball shoes!

I used some cheap Vans-like shoes that I received for free when helping at a clothing bank which were already in the navy blue color I wanted for the Mariners.
Then I took some regular old scotch tape and lined it around the border made by the stitching around the front section of the shoe to prevent any paint from getting on the area with the laces.

Next, I took some white acrylic paint (I really like the Martha Stewart brand. I used the satin finish paint) and painted the entire front part of the shoe white. This will be the base of the baseball!
Then, I took some red acrylic paint and started making the baseball stitches on top of the white. I made them off center to give it a little more flair and I used this picture as a template for my stitches. You want to remember that each stitch line goes the opposite direction of the other one, so if your stitches on the left side are facing up you want to make sure the ones on the right side are facing down. Its also very helpful to draw a faint line in pencil on top of the paint to give you a guide to where you need to paint the stitches. (do not worry! the pencil marks come off easily with a little bit of erasing!)
Repeat this on the other shoe and ta-da! You have a beautiful pair of baseball toed shoes!
Because I love the Mariners so much, especially player #15 Kyle Seager, I added a little extra on the back of each shoe for good measure. :P
I hope you guys enjoyed this quick little DIY! It only took me about a total of 45-60 minutes to complete this project, and it is nearly free if you already have a pair of sneakers and have some acrylic paint lying around! I hope you all try this, and if you do, please let me know so I can see your beautiful creations! Anyways, I will leave you with this picture of my fabulous shoes at the Pirates vs Mariners game last Tuesday (we lost...rats!).
Happy DIY!

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