Monday, June 3, 2013

Floating Paint Chip Calendar!

Hello! So today I am going to show you a quick and easy way to make a Floating Paint Chip Calendar! I found this DIY from a Youtube video by TheSorryGirls which you can find here, and Im going to show you in a few easy steps how I replicated it!


To start, you are going to need:
-A Floating Image picture frame (basically a picture frame with glass for the front and back, I found mine in a pack of 4 different sizes at Bed, Bath and Beyond)
-About 35 paint chips
-A piece of scrap paper

Depending on how you want your calendar to look, choose your paint chips likewise. I decided to do a green and yellow ombre style, so I found these little assistant papers (right picture) to help me choose a good ombre combo that I wanted! You are going to need 7 paint chips to go across, and 5 rows of paint chips, so for mine I had 3 rows of green altering with 2 rows of yellow.

Next you are going to measure your frame and do a little math to see how small each square needs to be. My frame was roughly 11x15.5 inches so each square ended up being 1.75 inches. I made a template out of just a plain white piece of paper to avoid confusion with the other colors.

 Use your template to cut out the 35 squares you need to fill the frame....

Just to make it a little easier on myself I kept all the squares in a pile, and cut them out in the order I was going to place them. (I'm a little OCD...)
After you have them all cut out you're going to lay them all out in order, and I would recommend putting a little rolled piece of tape on the back of each paint chip just in case your seal isn't quite tight enough. Once you are done with that place your glass back to the frame and seal it with the clips (or whatever it is) provided!
This is how mine ended up turning out! Once you're finished creating the frame you can start to draw out your calendar with Expo (dry-erase) markers! The awesome thing about it is that you can erase the marker very easily on glass, and it looks super cute hung up on any wall! It nearly looks like the paint chips are attached to the wall!
I hope you guys all enjoyed this and possibly went out to try this, because it is a super easy DIY, and nearly free if you already have a floating picture frame! 
Let me know in the comments below if you are going to try it and if you do, how it went!
Happy DIY!

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