Sunday, April 7, 2013

Under The Bed: Storage Miracle!

I recently re-did my room, took out my old skyscraper high twin bed and replaced it with a low full mattress bed frame. Because of this everything in my room was completely moved around, and for a while I have had troubles finding new ways to store things since I no longer had the vast amount of space under my bed that I used to.
For weeks and weeks I was in a rut on how I was suppose to store all this junk like clothes for different seasons, and stuffed animals I no longer wanted on my bed.

Then the other day it hit me! I remembered that when I was little, my Mom had these long and flat boxes we would fill with things and slide under out beds! So I went out on a hunt for some...
I found a couple of these simple ones at Target for a few bucks each. They are roughly 3 feet long, 1 foot wide and about 6 inches deep. They were exactly what I needed! So I started filling them up...
I would recommend folding all the clothing items as small as they possible can so you can store more per inch, and pack the stuffed animals and other things in neatly so that they will all fit neatly. Keep in mind that the amount of time these things will stay under your bed can vary, so you want to make sure everything is neat and tidy because you don't want to open up the box to get out your summer clothes, and find them all wrinkly and messy and need to be washed!
What I really love about these boxes is that they are long enough to fit lots of your junk into, but short enough that when you slide them under your bed they are nearly invisible! Also, because of the clear plastic you can see into the boxes and pinpoint were exactly something is you are looking for without having to dig through an entire deep bin or box. I would totally recommend getting these if you have space under your bed and need somewhere to store random stuff!

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