Sunday, April 7, 2013

How I Organize My Closet: Why I Love It

Do you ever look at your clothes, sitting in a laundry basket, and just wonder how the heck am I going to organize this?
I've been there too.

Convenience is absolutely key in every situation your in, and especially in your closet. I've had my closet organized like the photo you will see below for actually a couple of years! It is so functional and convenient to access so I wanted to share!
Here is a general overview of my closet. (some things need a bit of organizing, but this gets to the point) With this picture you can see all of my clothes that are hung up. The key to having a functional closet is to put clothes in certain spots by how often you will be wearing them. I typically put all of my regular hang-able shirts on the very beginning of my closet, so that I can go straight to the start when looking for a shirt to wear. I hang my sweaters, sweatshirts and coats in the middle right in the center of my view, because those are the clothes I wear most often. Last, I put my extra coats, team jerseys, sport uniforms, and scarves on the very right because I won't need to get to them as quickly.
I think that these shoe racks were one of the best investments I have made for my room. Its a bit messy but basically the one on the left is (top to bottom) 1. running shoes 2. swim equipment 3. Hats and Scarves 4. Gloves and wool socks 5. solid colored T-shirts 6. Heels.
Because I have quite a few solid colored t-shirts, I decided to stick them in this shoe rack to easily find them when I'm looking for clothes for layering. The shoe rack on the right mostly contains, *you guessed it* shoes! Not much describing to do here...

This organizing strategy (thank you mom) is almost pure genius. Since I am just a teenager, fancy shelves and dressers aren't totally necessary, and I can get away with something as simple as this. I bought 4 green plastic bins from Target for probably a few bucks each and filled them with (from close left to far right) Pants, Shirts, Workout Clothes, and Pajamas. Its really easy to find clothes in these, and they are a breeze to store! And they're cute! 

Lastly, because I kind of ran out of boxes, I used the last corner of my room to store my crafting supplies (I. have. alot.) and I also used this cute pink hamper I've had for years to store my track uniform, warm up, practice and race shoes for easy access in the morning!

I know that my closet set-up is somewhat person-specific, I hope that there are little aspects of it that spark up a bit in you that you can use! Happy Organizing! 

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  1. come organize my closet/house. nothing here is organized. we just have no room for all our stuff.